Ichiraku is up – now powered by Invision Power Board 3

4 10 2009

Ichiraku is back up:


Please update your bookmarks, and tell everyone about it!

Ichiraku is migrating to IPB3

4 10 2009

Hi all,

Ichiraku will be shut down today (4 October 2009) in preparation of our conversion to Invision Power Board 3.

Stay tuned at Ichiraku DEV for updates. You can also check http://ichirakuorg.chatango.com while waiting.

The new URL will be at http://ichiraku.org/forums/.


Registrations are fixed; Ichiraku’s RACE TO 100,000 contest

17 08 2009

Hi everyone,

I’m pleased to announce that we have made a work-around on the defective visual verification system of SMF 2 RC1.2. The CAPTCHA has been disabled and we are using a mod instead to verify a bot or a human registration. So what are you waiting for? Register now!

In other news, we have also launched the RACE TO 100,000 contest in celebration of the most active Ichiraku ever in our four years of existence as a community. This event is a race to reach the 100,000th post first; an exclusive Ichiraku prize will be given away for the winner!

Please consult THIS LINK for more information.

Thank you!

Registration disabled

15 08 2009

Hi everyone,

We are currently disabling all registrations to Ichiraku at the moment, as we have an unresolved bug in that CAPTCHA images required for the visual verification upon registration does not work. If you are an existing member and you have a referral to the forum, please PM either of the admins (akee or Zanyuki), or post a comment here, with your desired username, and we will register the new member for you.

Alternatively you can try to “listen” to verification instead and see if it would work.

Thank you.

Ichiraku is back up!

10 08 2009

Finally, after three days, Ichiraku is back again, only with a minor caveat. Full public release from the administrators:

Hello everyone,

It’s a big day for us as Ichiraku is finally back after being down for three days since August 7!

We are still looking for the probable cause of the problem and we are currently engaged in a manhunt, of sorts, to pinpoint the culprit. While the initial diagnosis was a hack case, we figured that the problem was too selective to have been due to a single person with malicious intent. This is due to Ichiraku’s SMF files removed from the server, while the rest were not.

We worked around this problem by reinstalling SMF and calling back a server backup made on 9:00am (GMT +8) of August 5th thus having a roll-back. All posts made on the day of August 6 will be lost, but I’d daresay this is better than restarting and rebooting all over again. We have also returned the Ichiraku Mail service (www.mail.ichiraku.org) last night, and assigned a new URL to Ichiraku DEV (http://support.ichiraku.org), although, alternatively, you can still access our support blog at its old address.

For the meantime, I and akee ask everyone to be very vigilant. Since this may not be the last time we see this – I will not give you false guarantees, because it MIGHT, and I want everyone to be with us as we fight these glitches or errors – please tell us as soon as you can. Meanwhile, I and your faithful staff will do we all we can to further safeguard our community from pernicious attacks, human or otherwise, in the future.

Thank you everyone for your continued support!
The Ichiraku Admin Team


Enjoy everyone! And a little thank-you note wouldn’t hurt at all. 🙂

Ichiraku is down

7 08 2009

Hi everyone,

Ichiraku is currently down due to unforeseen circumstances. We are currently engaged in trying to find the problem and trying to fix it.

We will be making an announcement here as to the status of the forum. We’ll keep you posted.


Ichiraku downtime (routine maintenance)

1 08 2009

Hello guys,

Ichiraku will be down from 2pm – 4pm for a routine maintenance.

Check updates here at Ichiraku DEV for news.